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I work with Cycle Breakers

Most likely, you have "Cycle Breaker" energy within you. I say that because you have landed on this site and are clearly interested in improving your life as a woman, daughter, and/or mother.

So what exactly is a Cycle Breaker?

A Cycle Breaker is a woman who wants to change the way things are for herself and/or her daughter.


In my work with women I have the privilege of exploring a person’s maternal lineage and uncovering common patterns and themes that have been handed down from generation to generation of women. Of course good things get passed down, but it’s not the good cycles that bring women to work with me. It’s the painful, often unspoken, patterns that get passed down and have negative consequences for women.


These cycles contribute to:

women feeling shame for speaking up for themselves or not knowing how

guilt for asking for what they want or even need

challenging mother-daughter relationships, feeling unheard or unseen by the other

feeling they need to always be of service to family, friends, and community to their own detriment 

inadvertently shaming other women, including daughters

feeling the need to stay small to maintain approval

not really know what one wants from life, feeling lost

finding relationships that are never fully supportive  

…the list goes on. 

Cycle Breakers are women who yearn to change these things within themselves, and for their daughters if they have them. Becoming a Cycle Breaker means understanding the women of your past by witnessing what they went through in society and in relationships.


When we do the work of being a Cycle Breaker, we first must cultivate a larger perspective. This gives us compassion toward those women who have come before us. We can understand why a grandmother may be jealous of her daughter or granddaughter. We can understand why we were encouraged to “not make waves” and to just “be nice.” We can come to understand why we were discouraged from being our authentic selves when we can see the unlived lives of the women in our lineage. Once we have this awareness, we can then begin to shift and heal our path forward. 

Sometimes we inherit heirlooms from previous generations that we really don't want, but feel guilty getting rid of because it was great grandma’s, or because every generation had it in their home. Letting go of the emotional burdens and harmful values that you inherited as a woman is like being willing to say, "no thanks, this heirloom of guilt and shame doesn’t coordinate with my peace of mind and my heart. I don’t need to keep this anymore," and releasing it.  Being a cycle breaker means carving out a new way and taking care of yourself in a way that may cause you to step outside of your familiar zone. For moms, it means being a different kind of example to your daughter--and for all women, it means becoming both compassionate, gentle and courageous with yourself. 

All of the work that I do is centered around this idea of Cycle Breaking. 

We start at the root. We go through a process of cultivating awareness and clarity around the cycles that live in your lineage which helps us understand why we do, think and feel the way that we always have. Then, the work becomes about releasing and unburdening yourself from carrying these beliefs that no longer serve the person you are trying to become. Then we re-envision. We work together to create a blueprint of the new cycles that you want to instill in your own life, and the life of your daughters.


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