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Mother-Daughter Sessions:

The Mother-Daughter relationship is one of the most profound and impactful relationships of our lives. It lives on intergenerationally as we pass along our traditions, values, attitudes, behaviors, and our genetics. Moms and daughters have so much pressure put on their relationship by society and from within themselves which only adds to the dynamics that exist within your relationship. Women have been told for centuries that they are too sensitive, too weak, too emotional, asking for too much, being too much, not giving enough, not nice enough, too loud, not working enough, working too much, not pretty enough, thin enough, too sexy, too uptight, too bossy, too quiet…you get it and have experienced at least some of it. All of  these societal demands and criticisms of women naturally show up in the relationship between moms and daughters, grandmothers and granddaughters, sisters; how can they not!? This external pressure causes the mother-daughter relationship to become a pressure cooker and thus the stereotype of the troubled mother-daughter relationship ensues.

With Mother-Daughter sessions you and your mom/daughter have a judgement free, compassion filled space to finally address the spoken and unspoken needs you have within your relationship. You decide how you want to move forward in relationship with one another. We come to this table together, wanting connection, wanting healthy bonds, wanting to make things feel better and this is often the common ground mothers and daughters stand on together. How to heal the past, how to move through years of challenges, past hurts, miscommunications, misunderstandings, this is where I come in. As a certified Mother-Daughter Coach and a licensed therapist, I guide clients through this process of moving your relationship from where it’s always been to a direction you want to be taking your relationship, helping you to feel truly seen and heard.

When we heal ourselves and the mother-daughter line, we can free ourselves from ingrained generational patterns and begin to pass along new ways of interacting, new attitudes, ones that feel supportive and life-giving rather than depleting.  You can choose to live differently for yourself and within your mother-daughter relationship. You can break free from the way things have always been and start anew: it’s not ever too late, whether you are 72 or 22.

Who is mother-daughter coaching for?

  • Mother-Daughter Coaching is for women ages 17 and older.

  • Getting ready to go to college and finding there is growing tension between you and your mom? This is for you.

  • Have a history of conflict and tension with your daughter or mom? This is for you.

  • Noticing difficult emotions arise as your daughter prepares to get married? This is for you.

  • Pregnant and desiring healing in your own relationship with your mom before you become one? This is for you.

  • Have a decent relationship with your daughter or mom and just want to become closer, gain understanding and enrich your bond? This is for you.

Who is mother-daughter coaching not for?


  • Anyone under the age of 17

  • Someone who has not done their own therapy or reflection work--if this is the first time you are doing any personal work, I recommend doing it individually first. You can check out my individual coaching under services.

  • Someone who wants to find blame in the other party and not aim to understand other perspectives. Hurt and pain is very much a part of this process, but participants must be willing to see their own part in the relationship, as well as have compassion and understanding for the other person's perspective and experience 

  • Someone who is looking for a quick fix. A complex relationship of many, many years will take time to unravel, unpack and rebuild/strengthen. This work is not something that will change things overnight, but with proper commitment to the process, exponential changes can occur.


Individual Support for Adult Daughters who are estranged from their mothers:

What if you don’t have a relationship with your mom anymore and she is still alive? It is far more common than discussed to have you lost the connection with your mom due to mental illness, dementia, addiction, re-marriage, re-locating or just for reasons not fully known and understood. I help daughters through this, too. You’re experiencing a unique type of loss known as ambiguous loss. It is different from losing someone who has died. This type of loss is more confusing, there is lack of closure, and our society doesn’t understand this type of loss well enough to support individuals through it. Please know that you are not alone and you can heal through this and learn how to live a meaningful life even with your mom absent from your life.

How to get started

I am currently on maternity leave until December 2023. Click below to get on my waitlist for coaching and I will be in contact when I am back from leave!




With Mother-Daughter sessions you and your mom/daughter have a judgement free, compassion filled space to finally address the spoken and unspoken needs you have within your relationship.

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