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I work from a framework and belief system rooted in the idea that there are systemic pressures put on women which are passed down and shared in familial relationships and between generations. These patterns can cause conflict, fragmentation, trauma, pain, poor boundaries and a myriad of other burdens for women.

These generational patterns and cycles can leave one feeling trapped, disconnected from one’s essence, their desires, values and dreams, and lost on their path. 

The goal with individual coaching is to uncover the patterns and cycles specific to your family of origin and find ways to heal and pave a new path for yourself, breaking the cycle.


My individual coaching is ideal for:


  • women who are searching for more of themselves

  • adult daughters who have a complicated, disconnected or estranged relationship with their mothers

  • mothers in a similar position with their daughters

  • new mothers who want to be “cycle breakers”--women who are wanting to identify unhelpful, unfulfilling, limiting patterns in their lineage, release them and learn tools for creating life-giving patterns for themselves and future generations.

To get started, click below to fill out a simple contact form and our team will get back to you shortly.

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Individual Coaching

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