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You’re a woman wanting to break through her own barriers. You are tired of your old limiting beliefs and mindsets holding you back from creating more for yourself or your business, but you just can’t seem to shake the old way of thinking that maintains the status quo. Perhaps you need to earn more money, but your money mindset sends you into an anxiety attack or choosing to clean your bathroom tile grout instead. You are sick of not taking care of yourself, putting your needs last and feeling off or disconnected from others or even spiritually. 

You are tired of playing it safe and staying small in your life and just know there's got to be more for you in this life. 


Outmoded beliefs and old patterns have you feeling stuck or even sick of your self. The vision you have for yourself may feel out of reach, yet continuing to do the same thing in life feels deflating and empty.  You're at a crossroads within yourself. Deep down, you believe it’s okay to want more for yourself, but you are terrified that you are asking for too much. 

Transformational Coaching is for you if...

  • Want to grow your business or therapy practice., but are afraid to.

  • Want to develop a rich and meaningful self-care practice

  • Want to move in a new direction in life but are afraid to fail.

  •  Want to feel more empowered and independent emotionally and financially but fear negative judgement. 

  • Want to feel more vitality and meaning in your life, but don't know where to go next. 

  • Want to deepen the relationship you have with yourself

Come support yourself through a mindful, holistic, and transformational coaching process. We will explore the cultural, money and work values that you inherited, along with other messages that have formed in your life. Every week you will have some action to take in your own life so you will see change and progress. As a coach I am an accountability partner, guide, and mirror for you. You can choose to let go what no longer serves you in life. You will have the chance to shed the old ways and cultivate a mindset shift that will allow you to move forward to create what you truly desire. Find your inner authority to give yourself permission to thrive. I will help you get clear on your goals and together we map out achievable steps and focus on the way you want to feel day to day. I am here to help you recalibrate your own inner compass so you find YOUR way not someone else's. 

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Individual Coaching

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