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As a woman, whether you’re a daughter, a mother, or both, something inside you seeks your attention; a little nudge, a quiet voice. Even if it feels insurmountable or selfish, some tiny part of you, the size of a grain of sand, imagines a different life for yourself. Perhaps this part of you yearns to feel alive again after a devastating loss or wants to let go of the past and heal wounds. You are tired of fear making decisions in your life. You are tired of lying awake in the middle of the night worrying if you upset someone or didn't help enough. You find yourself wishing you could just say "no" to others, "yes" to yourself, and believe in your heart it's really okay. You wonder if there is a way to experience relief from constant worry or self doubt and if you will ever believe you are enough.

There are real systematic reasons why you feel these things. As a Mother-Daughter Coach, I help women understand the roots of these feelings, beliefs and burdens, and empower you to release what is no longer serving you.


There is the possibility of a life where you reclaim your true Self and give yourself permission to set your mind and heart free. 

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Reach out to ask questions and let's  discover if we're a good client match.  We can schedule your free 30 minute virtual consultation.

Fogg Mountains

For women, tears are the beginning of initiation into the Scar Clan, that timeless tribe of women of all colors, all nations, all languages, who down through the ages have lived through a great something, and yet who stood proud, still stand proud.

Clarissa Pinkola Estés


Let's nurture the relationship you have with your mom or daughter. Gain awareness, compassion and insight into the old patterns of your relationship to help create a new way of connecting. Click here for more information on Mother Daughter Coaching.

There is nothing more comforting than knowing we're in good company. Women's Power Circles offer support, nourishment for the soul, empowerment and a place to connect with other women who are on similar journeys. Groups have different themes/focus. 

Welcome to my practice

My passion is helping women heal and liberate themselves in mind, heart and spirit.

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