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A New Dynamic: 
A Mother-Daughter Workshop Series

Dear Wise Woman,

As mothers and daughters enter into an adult-to-adult relationship, they often carry over the dynamics set in motion when they were in the mother and child or mother and teen stages of relationship. The connection between moms and daughters as adults can feel wrought with land-mine-like topics of conversation, a weakened connection, resentment, yearning for closeness and for some, still feeling like they are living out dynamics of years past. Most of the moms and daughters I work with want to find a way to feel closer, to feel seen and heard as a woman first, not just a daughter and not only a mother.


Navigating new ways to foster connection as an adult daughter and mother can be challenging and even feel out of reach. The key to this is learning to see one another and yourself in a new light. Through embracing the wisdom and experience you both bring to the relationship and learning how to truly listen to each other, richer, more ease-filled connection is possible. 


In this workshop series, come together with other adult daughter and mother pairs to learn new ways to communicate and understand each other. Moms and daughters will get to have a safe space to explore new ways to connect, learn new perspectives about one another, as well as strategies for communication. Each woman will learn more about how to take care of herself and how to value the other woman as a person.  Leave each workshop with a new perspective and tools for how to be together or talk to one another. 


This offering is designed to make connection accessible no matter where the two of you are in the world by joining through Zoom.

In these workshop sessions, we will:

Get guidance on how to communicate without stepping on each other’s toes

Practice new forms of communication with each other during each workshop


Connect with other adult daughters and moms going through the same experience


Learn how your old expectations are at the root of the challenges between you two


Stop rehashing the same old arguments as you learn a new way to handle differing opinions. 


Have a supportive place to plan how to handle the holidays, visits, or even talking and texting one another. 


Gain awareness of how the women in your lineage were treated and how that may be contributing to your current relationship dynamics. 


Increase mutual understanding and respect


Decide if you want to be on the same team

Schedule and Topics:

All meetings are held virtually via zoom and we will have both group elements and private breakout sessions for each mother-daughter pair 

June 14th: “That’s just women…” Your relationship is more than the stereotype of bickering moms and daughters

July 19th: “Why doesn’t she just get it!” Creating opportunities to really understand each other

August 16th: “Oh wow, you’re a person with needs, just like me” Find connection woman-to-woman instead of mother and daughter

 September 20th: Great Expectations: How to talk about personal boundaries without conflict

October 18th: Choosing to break cycles: Creating a new mother-daughter dynamic together

November 15th: Holiday whiplash: how to prevent being catapulted into the past with each other.


December 13th: Practice makes imperfect: learning to let go of perfection makes connection more possible.

Logistics and Details:

Please note: this program is intended for mother-daughter pairs, not individuals. If you are seeking individual support, please use my contact form.


Mom-daughter pairs commit to attending all 6 workshops (no refunds for missed sessions) and agree to practice their new skills in between (if you have to miss one session a one-time 30 minute “catch-up” is available).


The fee for all 6 months is $700 per mom-daughter pair ($350/person). Sessions are held via Zoom on Fridays from 3-5pm Eastern Time. Zoom information will be sent after registration.

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