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Family values, beliefs, patterns, and trauma get passed down from generation to generation. Do you want to have a better understanding of yourself and the women in your family? Do you feel different from other family members? Do you find yourself trying to hold family together? Are you ready to become a mom for the first time? Maybe you are looking to make a big change within yourself that goes against the grain of family tradition or values? Is there intergenerational trauma that you think or know is affecting you and your life or your daughter’s? Book a mother-daughter mapping session and gain insight and perspective on the legacies that have been intentionally and unconsciously handed down the generations.


Explore your mother and grandmother’s life and how their experience has shaped yours. This is a powerful tool for women who are dealing with mother loss, estrangement, or difficult relationships. You can see where you want to break cycles and what strengths, gifts, traditions you want to continue or let go of in your life. Sometimes, in order to heal, we must break free from unhelpful or even toxic patterns/beliefs that have been passed along and do not serve us well. We can let go of legacy burdens, but first we must gain awareness of what those are and mapping the Mother-line is a powerful and effective tool to give us this new found awareness. 

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