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This is for the adult daughter who is disconnected or estranged from her mom. Whether you have contact with her or not, you experience a void or distance with your mom. Many women go through this and it is rarely talked about. You may have a severe disconnection in your relationship but still be in touch very infrequently. Or, perhaps through other circumstances, known, or unknown, you may have a completely estranged relationship from your mother. Perhaps you haven’t heard from your mother in years. 


In either case, as an adult daughter you may find yourself yearning to have a connection with a maternal figure--a wise, nurturing, elder woman. 


You may miss being seen by her and want to find a way to move through your heartache and confusion, gaining more peace.


You may feel a bit lost or as though something deeply enriching and grounding is missing in your life. 


Now, you find yourself feeling ready enough to connect with others feeling similarly and move towards peace and thriving within yourself.  


If you yearn to find your place as a daughter in the world who does not have connection with her living mother; welcome wise woman, you are not alone - this group IS for YOU. 


The Wise Women's Circle for Adult Daughters is here to provide a heartfelt, numinous place for all of these nebulous thoughts and feelings that are often unseen or misunderstood by loved ones around us. 


You may not be able to have the relationship you desire with your mother, but you can cultivate a relationship with the Mother Within and Without

Come join me in the pilot program of Wise Women's Circle for Adult Daughters. 

7 weeks of gathering virtually, intentionally, and nurturing your heart as you connect with yourself and others in a new way, finding the Mother Within and Without. 

What you will gain by the end of this 7 week circle:


Connection from other women who GET IT


You will have your own individual 1:1 time with me, Emily, so we can co-create your personalized map of your mother-daughter relationship lineage. You’ll uncover and understand the recurring patterns that have been handed down intergenerationally in your maternal line. 


Recognize how you already are or can become a cycle breaker of the intergenerational patterns you’ve learned about. 


Identify and claim your needs/desires as an adult daughter, a world that often asks women to not have them. 

Understand ambiguous loss and how connecting to the Mother with-in, can support and further your healing process. Cultivate or discover your inner-mother, and find empowerment in connecting with this part of your-self.

Acknowledge the grief you've been through and continue to experience, how to carry this thing that can't be fixed. 


Discover ways to connect your spirit to the Great Mother/Divine Feminine/, Mother Earth/ Nature energy around us regardless of your spiritual background. 

Gain wisdom and understanding from one another. Know that you are not alone in this experience, learn about what has helped other women who are in this journey, gain 


Learn how to wisely carry what cannot be fixed and in turn feel more whole and at peace. Thankfully, we have what we need in community and within ourselves, to be a whole person.


Create a new vision: What and who exists in your life that creates the maternal support or energy you yearn for? How to have the courage to embrace what/who IS in your life currently. 


Our group will meet for seven weeks. You will also have a scheduled Mother-Daughter Mapping session with me before the program begins. 


The remaining 7 weeks will be 90 minutes of our Sacred Circle, meeting virtually. We gather in the community of one another, discuss the weekly topic, engage in an experiential process and set intentions for the week ahead. 

We will meet on Wednesdays at 2 pm EST starting on Wednesday 5/10/2023 and ending on 6/21/2023.

Program Costs: 

This is the Pilot Program, and you will receive the Pilot Price! 

$1500 for 8 weeks of 90 minutes virtual gatherings, including your 1:1 session with me for creating your Mother-Daughter map. 

You have a choice to pay in full, or pay in three biweekly payments of $500.


You have already done some healing work around your relationship with your mother (therapy). You have worked through some of the pain, grief and anger of the relationship, and now you are looking for growth in your life.


You are seeking community with women who can understand this part of your life journey with your mother relationship. You may not have other places where your relationship with your mother feels understood or held and you hope to find a supportive community.


You want a new path for your life, whether you are a mother or not, or plan to become one or not. You have the intention of creating a new generational path in your legacy.


You know that growth and good work happens when you commit and show up. You are ready to cultivate a supportive motherly relationship with yourself. You are ready to not just survive, but thrive. 


You are willing and able to show up to the weekly group calls for this program.



You have not done any therapy about this relationship or you feel you are in crisis about the relationship with your mom. This circle is for the women who have been through this and are ready to focus on themselves. 


You are here to mom bash. This is a bashing free zone. 


You are seeking therapy. This is not a therapy group, although it will be therapeutic in nature. 


You are under 25 years - This will be most helpful for adult daughters 25-ish through 60-ish. 


You are unwilling or unable to commit to the weekly 90 minute Sacred Circles. Live attendance is a HUGE part of this experience.


If this group is speaking to you and you would like to explore if this is the next step on your journey, click on the application button below to reach out to Emily and her team.


Once you submit an application, you will hear from Emily or her team member Sarah within 48 business hours.


You will then receive an email with a link to book a complimentary 30 minute virtual conversation  with Emily to connect and ensure this group is the most supportive thing for you during this current time on your journey.


We look forward to meeting with you.

I’m Emily, a daughter, mother, spouse, coach and licensed therapist. I have walked this painful path myself, losing the relationship with my mom as an adult. It was the most painful and confusing experience which occurred while simultaneously becoming a mom for the first time. I didn’t know anyone who had gone through this and I was devastated. I have done A LOT of my own therapy, spiritual direction, energy healing, grieving, journaling, talking, and eventually I actually moved into a deep place of peace within myself. I didn’t have a roadmap or anyone who could tell me exactly what was going on - healing is often a messy process, mine certainly was. So, as I continued to work with women in both my therapy practice and my coaching practice, I found that I could support women with this unique experience and I learned it’s far more common than most of us realize. I don’t claim to have all of the answers, your situation is unique to you and will have answers for yourself. Instead I’m offering you some kind of framework, a roadmap and deep knowing that all can be well within you. I’ve taken my own messy healing journey and the work I’ve done with individuals and have created this Wise Women’s Sacred Circle. It is my hope that you will feel nourished, more hopeful and more empowered by the end of this process. It may not be the final step in your healing journey, but my intention and hope is that this can provide a growth spurt of healing in your individual process. I also want you to know you’re not alone and that is why I felt the need to create this group. 


With deep gratitude and support, 


Wise Women's Circle for Adult


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