Wise Women's Power Circle:

September 21st -Nov 2nd, 2022

Come join a unique, supportive circle of other wise women this fall. In this circle, you will be surrounded by 6 other women who are seeking the same connection

This Power Circle is a good fit if you...

-Have done some personal work in individual therapy or coaching.

-Desire to connect authentically with other women and create a sacred space together,

-Seek to release self-doubt about an area(s) of your life where you recognize you're holding back.

-Want to grow more Self-trust in order to move forward with something in your life. This should be something you can name and identify either internal or external. 

-Are willing to engage in journal reflections between sessions in order to deepen the experience. 


The circle will include centering meditation, poetry, structured sharing time, rituals, writing, candle lighting, peace and quiet, laughter, tears, guided imagery, and a spirit of authentic support. 

This 7 week circle meets virtually at lunch-time, 11:00am-12:30pm EST.


Early Bird: $650 (Register by August 31st)

Full Rate: $750 

Registration Deadline: September 7th. 

Your payment will secure your spot. 

This circle is made with intention and care, so please check in with the following...

This circle is NOT for you if you

-are seeking therapy (I do offer psychotherapy, but this isn't it) 

-are not willing to talk or share, being vulnerable is essential here, even though it can feel nerve wracking at times! 

-are not willing to fully commit to all 7 weeks for the full 90 minutes. Your presence is required every week - that's how the magic is made! 

-have never had therapy or coaching - some self-inquiry and personal growth work is essential to have in your background

-are unwilling to journal between sessions

To learn more and register, start by clicking the Join Us button to connect with me. 


Ambiguous Loss Support Group:

What is ambiguous loss?

Ambiguous loss is all too common and yet often unrecognized. A person can have an ambiguous loss when either a person or place is physically available/alive and psychologically absent, an example would be having a living parent who has dementia. OR, someone is psychologically alive but physically missing or gone, and example would be a missing person.


I support women who experience ambiguous loss of their mother who is physically alive, but psychologically unavailable. This may be due to an illness, mental health, addiction, or maybe you don't really know the cause, but you know your mother is no longer in your life and she is still living. Ambiguous loss is ongoing with out closure and can cause a lot of heartache, sadness, and confusion. Sometimes it can contribute to anxiety or depression. Know that you are not alone and support is here.

The next group starts in November. To join this group, reach out to me so we can schedule a 30 minute consultation to ensure this group is the right fit. You can use the button below. 

Coming November 2022

Get started with me by emailing to schedule your complimentary 30 minute virtual consultation.