Emily Bitner 

Psychotherapy, Coaching & Mind-Body-Spirit Approach


Mother-Daughter Sessions

  • 6-Session Package: $1400 for 6, one hour appointments

  • 10-Session Package $2300 for 10, one hour appointments

  • Single Sessions: $250 for one hour appointment

Individual Coaching

  • 3 month package: 12, one hour weekly appointments $2500


  • 6 month package: 24, one hour weekly appointments $4800


  • Payments can be paid in full or spread over 3 installments.

Individual Therapy

  • Individual Therapy: $200 for 60 minute appointments


  • Group Therapy: $90/session


I do not work with any insurance company. I am considered an Out-of-Network provider which means, depending upon your insurance plan you may be eligible to be reimbursed for the full or partial amount therapy sessions. A quick call to your insurance company will help you know if you're eligible for this reimbursement, if so, I will be happy to provide you the necessary paperwork to submit. Sliding Scale rate may be available, if fee is ever a concern, please ask. I'm able to provide a very limited number of sliding scale rates per year.

Mapping the Mother-Line

  • 2.5 hour intensive: $450 3 x 45 minute sessions $185/session

Start your journey with a powerful experience of mapping your Mother-line. This introductory intensive experience maps 3 generations of women from your mother's side of the family, exploring the repeating patterns, intergenerational trauma, losses, and ways women were or were not supported in their lives. You may discover you're a cycle breaker in the generations of women in your family or you may gain insight about what beliefs, emotions, limitations or strengths have been passed down the generations. Claim the legacy that you want to continue or stop in your own life or your daughter's life. This experience can be a stand-alone, one-time experience or a part of your individual therapy, coaching or mother-daughter coaching.

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